Monday, June 13, 2011

A Great Man

We will miss you Grandpa Gerry. We are so grateful that you and little Gerry were able to meet each other, even though only for a few short days. We will never forget the smiles between the two of you. Gerry will be proud to have been named after such a wonderful, caring man.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Weeks Home

Phew! That's all I can say! Taking care of a two-year-old is a lot of work - lots of fun - but a lot of work! Gerry Nazar is amazing - taking it all in stride, even the visits to the grocery store, Kohls, WalMart, and a few garage sales. He is a social little bug, and enjoyed his visit to The Ayco Company last week (Ayco is my workplace, where the people are awesome and have supported Gerry's adoption from the getgo). Talk about a little ham! Once he realized he had an audience, he was playing it up!
We have been having fun playing outside on the roller coaster (so glad I went garage-saling last summer!) and in the neighbor's pool on Memorial Day - thank goodness it has finally been nice out.
We went to the ENT yesterday, and Gerry was a trooper. He sat still on Daddy's lap while the doc looked in his mouth, nose, and ears, and cleaned out his ears (lots of wax blocked up in there). The doc said that his ears looked good (yay!), but that he still has an infections in his tonsils (yuck - 2 more weeks of antibiotics). But hopefully if we can get this infection cleared up, it will help his drooling and breathing. If not, possibly we'll have to look into having his tonsils and adenoids removed - phooey.
Gerry still likes to eat, but has been a lot more picky lately. Hmmm, I guess he realizes that this is one thing a two-year-old can control - what goes into his mouth! Thank goodness for bananas, yogurt, oatmeal, and pb&j!It is so nice to have Grant home this week; I actually got the chance to shave my legs. I knew it was time when Gerry started petting my legs the other day like his fuzzy animal book - ha ha! But seriously, Gerry LOVES Grant, and tries to do things just like Dad. And Grant has the magic touch - Gerry has loads of fun with him.
Here are some photos of course; have to finish up this post. Nap time is only 1-2 hours these days (that's ok, he usually sleeps 12 hours at night), and my one chance throughout the day to get anything done that requires any type of concentration! Take care everyone! Oh yeah, wish us luck, this afternoon is his first haircut here in the U.S.!
A few days later – getting into the groove.
Such a little ham!

“I’m Daddy’s helper.”
“Hurry up Daddy, I’m ready to go!”
Family of 3!
I like my new bed, especially when the Wally Cat comes to visit me (Wally isn't too sure about this arrangement!)
Mommy's little helper.
"I love PB&J!" (yes, definitely time for a haircut!)

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