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And yes, that is a photo of her at the top of the page. :)  Isn’t she beautiful?!?!

How in the world did this happen you may ask? Well, for starters, we had been “kind of starting” to think about growing our family again.  Someday!  Not right away of course!  Maybe in a year or two.  And definitely not by adding a teenager!  BUT, while reading the blog of an adoptive parent and missionary who has spent several months with kids in Eastern European orphanages, one young girl’s description grabbed our hearts - we just knew that “Loveday” belonged in our family.  “Loveday” is the name given to our girl to protect her identity until the adoption is final.  Even though we cannot share her birth name publicly yet, we can tell you that it means “God’s gift!”
Grant’s words as soon as he listened to the narrative that I read to him that afternoon were “We should go get her.”  Here are some of the missionary’s words about “Loveday” that stuck in our hearts:  

She is 14, and is an amazingly beautiful young lady inside and out.  

She has such a strong desire for family that on our last trip out to see our children she had tears in her eyes as she watched me with my children.

She is very shy but she was brave enough to ask for help to find her a family. 

She has 3 older brothers whom are all aged out so she is alone.  

Kind, funny, has character, responsible, smart, and has a great memory. 

She is known for being one of the best students in class and is working on learning English.  

She loves cats and dogs, but really loves cats. 

Her 3 wishes are to have a family, do well in school and be in a home with a family and not an orphanage.

And the best words that are now written on the missionary’s blog regarding “Loveday”: HER FOREVER FAMILY FOUND HER!!! 

Yep, that’s us – her forever family :)

We are excited to be working as fast as possible to get her home.  And Gerry is ready to “go now to get our girl” – his big sister. :)

Not only are we excited to be working on all of the mounds of paperwork and to be jumping through the many adoption hoops (woo hoo – sooo super excited – ha ha!), we are also anxious to get there as soon as possible.  As the days go by, Loveday gets closer and closer to the age when she ages out of the orphanage system and is either:

a) sent to a trade school of the government’s choosing (horrific places for a young girl, not anything like a college dorm here), or

b) put out on the streets and forced to survive on her own (60% of young girls have to become a prostitute to survive, and 10% of kids commit suicide within the first year of being on the street).

We are also fundraising to help us get there and get her home as soon as possible – we weren’t exactly planning on adopting again so soon but when you’re called, you’re called. (A breakdown of costs is listed to the right)  We have an AdoptTogether.org/ourgirl fundraiser (where donations are tax deductible – woo hoo!) and a YouCaring.com/ourgirl fundraiser.  Links to both of these sites are listed on the right side of the blog.  We are also working out the details of a spaghetti dinner fundraiser in Ohio, and brainstorming for more ideas.  Guess what I’ll be doing this fall and winter :)

So now you know a little bit more about what we’ve been up to recently.  Welcome back to our wild and wonderful world of adoption!!!

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