Saturday, April 18, 2015

Busy Week, Big Decisions

We had a very busy week!!
The Easter Bunny came to our apartment on Sunday (Easter was celebrated here on April 12)! Then we went to a small street carnival.

We traveled by overnight train (first class on the way there, complete with a velvet headrest!) to the capitol city for our second referral appointment, and spent one day enjoying the city while we waited.  Our apartment was rather fancy - the one with the special doll.

Then we traveled back to our region by overnight train (second class this time; first class was all booked up. I sure did miss that velvet headrest 😟).

As soon as we got off the train, we ventured by car for 3 1/2 hours to meet with the officials for our Little One.  Then we got a chance to meet each other for a short time.  Grant and I traveled back to our apartment and took a day to really think about becoming parents of three - a huge decision for us.

On Wednesday we were able to visit with D - we had really missed her!!

On Thursday, we decided to take the Big Leap and then traveled back to start the paperwork process for Little D!! Wow, what a difference we saw in her when we returned for a second visit! This time she had been told that we were her Mama and Papa.  When we saw her in the hallway with her caregiver, she started skipping down the hall and kept looking back over her shoulder (she had to go change her clothes first) saying "Mama! Mama!" I think that long list of diagnoses that we had been carrying on our hearts flew out the door in that second :)
We didn't get a chance to take many photos for two reasons.  For most of the visit, we had the camera taking video of Little D chattering away and doing a puppet show for us.  Then we had to cut our visit short and run back to the notary office to try and get our last paper of the day signed - but no luck :(. Thankfully, one of the notary office workers will be traveling close to us on Tuesday and will bring our signed paper.  Until then, we cannot apply for a court date. Thankfully, we can continue to visit big sister D while we wait.

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