Monday, April 13, 2015

The Weekend

We were able to visit D on Saturday, but Sunday was Easter here and the orphanage had an outing planned for the kids.  D did not want to go at first since she was afraid she would miss out on a visit with us but it was not her choice. We heard that she did have fun with her friends and I'm so glad that she was able to spend time with them. How hard it must be for her knowing that soon she will leave them behind. There is one close friend who is very sweet who always comes to the visits with her (and she has a little brother) - our home study only approves us to adopt two children, not three. :(

Gerry always has an entourage of kids surrounding him - makes no difference that he doesn't speak their language.  Whether we are at the orphanage or the playground by our apartment, he is making friends :)

We had interesting visitors in the region this week.  Since the weather has turned much warmer recently, lots of insects have been waking up.  We have had the biggest stinking flies I've ever seen hanging out in our bathroom. Seriously, it is like the movie "The Birds" when we shower or go to the bathroom - complete with arm waving, ducking and screaming! And those suckers make big shadows!  
I think we are finally starting to respect each other's space, or maybe we've just given up on trying to kill the new ones each day. It could be a long couple of months!

Time for a rest after our overnight journey on the train back to the Capitol. It was like a sauna at first, so we stripped down to our skivvies but then woke up freezing! No photos for this leg of our journey, thank you ;). 
Here we are at breakfast after our train ride.

Here are also a couple of random photos of our favorite drinks here and Grant doing laundry.  Please think of us the next time you turn on the faucet and use the water to drink, cook, brush your teeth, bathe your child without earplugs . . . . Or turn on your coffee pot :) But really, we have everything here that we need and are so grateful for the support we have here and back home!

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