Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 12 and Day 13 - Yep, It Really Is Groundhog Day :)

Groundhog Day is what other families have called this process once you meet your child and start visiting. Wake up, ride the bus to the orphanage and visit with your little one, go eat lunch, take a nap, blog/email, eat dinner, go to bed, repeat, repeat, repeat! But I like the idea that the dynamics of the day are changing during our visits. Plus, each day when 11:30 rolls around, I have noticed that we keep stretching the "clean up" of the playroom and the last little face wiping and hugs and kisses a minute longer each day. Today it was 11:35 when we finally relented and took our little guy back to his room. It is amazing how 5 minutes can mean so much. And, today we kept him with us for his snack time - we made sure to keep his scheduled snack time at 10:00 sharp, but the extra 15 minute he was with us was heavenly! Boy does he like cheerios and cookies - and he will share (the cheerios, that is!). He's got the juicebox down pat - his face lights up when that comes out of the backpack. Thank you Kelly and Ezra for the tip on getting water bottles with the pull top spout - now our little guy's shirt is only 1/2 soaked when we take him back to his room! He still thinks it is a hoot to take a drink and let it dribble all down his chin. And today he had fun squirting the water all over the table. But guess what, as soon as Grant handed him a napkin . . . . all cleaned up and the napkin in the trash bag! Boy is that a fun game! (nobody better tell him that it isn't, either!)
He is definitely enjoying "being the boss." He just keeps pointing at all of the toys on the shelves, or the piano, or out the window - and guess what - we are at his beck and call!! Uh oh, what have we started?! But I'm pretty sure this is good for attachment - at least that's what I keep telling myself! He is too darn cute to say "no" to yet! But he really hasn't done anything that warrants a "no" - that will come, I know, soon enough!
Thank you Tracey for the idea regarding sunglasses! He didn't quite like them at first, but now they are a big hit. Of course, they don't stay on long enough to get a good photo.
We are hoping that we will hear on Monday when our court date will be - we are so ready to make this official!

Next door to the orphanage.

Thanks Dad for teaching me new things - like how to unscrew this water bottle cap (oh no!!)

I'm listening to every word you say!

Yep, that's a dirty look!

I want to go over there (point, point, point).

Cool lil' dude!

Boy is this hard work!

I like to clean, clean, clean!

3 babushkas and a cat. :)


  1. Hehehe LOVE the dirty little look!! He is so stinkin CUTE!!

  2. uhg I remember the groundhog days, hanging out in the "coffee break" room. Hang on before you know it you'll be home with your sweetie. Praying for that court day. Say hi to V and S for us :)
    PS I see some great fine motor skills and a future clean house!

  3. Bobbie, so funny i was just reading connected child for our group tomorrow and they said make sure to keep a routine. and i logged on to get another glimpse of your adorable, sweet, very smart son, and smiled, because it sounded like you could have written this book!!! Very impressed. You guys are fantastic parents!!!

    Love sharing the joy - thanks for your great posts.


  4. I hadn't had a chance until today to read your blog. I read every word!! It brought back so many memories. It's funny, when we came back I swore I'd never go again. However, after reading your blog and seeing familiar photos, it gave me good feeling! Maybe we will do again someday :) Everyday gets better and better. "Robert" is a doll. You are so blessed! I thank God everyday for Lizzy.



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