Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days 14, 15, and 16

Hello everyone!
Happy Birthday Miss Morgan!!
(The internet was working great tonight so I was able to post lots of pics - three days' worth! They are not in any particular order since I kept adding more and more. Enjoy!)
Long time, no post :) Grant was sick again yesterday - bleh! (but thank goodness he is feeling much better today! Must have been something he ate or drank - uh oh. He didn't get to go to the orphanage today though - bummer)
We have good news - our adoption court is this Friday - yippee!!!
I just have to say that I absolutely love the people here! At least I think I do. I must; I mean, I keep total body hugging complete strangers every morning on the bus on the way to the orphanage. :) I swear that I've even kissed a few without even knowing it! We are getting the hang of it now, though. When we first got here, we would let 2 or 3 buses go on without us because we thought it was too crowded. Not anymore - nosiree! People have their faces mooshed against the windows because it is so crowded, but we've figured out that if you push as you get on, it's "easy" to fit 8 or 9 more people in (think giant vertical mosh pit). Now, the real trick is getting to the front of the bus (it's really a van with seats) when it's your stop and you only speak English. "Eez-vee-neet-yeh (excuse me), eez-vee-neet-yeh, EEZ-VEE-NEET-YEH!" Oh heck - "STOP!" Or trying to get your money or another passenger's money to the driver when one hand is gripping your backpack/bag and your other hand (or at least a finger) has a death grip on the ceiling bar and there's no way you can move either one. It reminds me of those icebreakers at parties when you have to pass an item on without using your hands - I wish I had a video! We'll have great core strength though by the time we are ready to come home - it really is a great balance workout!
Mom and I were all by ourselves today in the playroom with the little one. The Spanish couple that is adopting had their court today so they didn't come to visit. During the last couple of days, caregivers have been bringing in little groups of kids to practice songs and dancing. I think maybe they are going to have an Easter program??? I sure hope we can attend!
The weather was beautiful today - sunny and close to 70 degrees (yay - it dried up most of the rain that we've had lately). I had an interesting experience. They let me dress "Robert" for going outside to play (this was fun!). Remember, it is almost 70 degrees outside: socks, thermal tights, insulated pants, more socks over the cuffs of the pants, long sleeve shirt, hooded sweater jacket, long winter coat (about 3 sizes too big so his hands were inside the sleeves and it hung down to his knees), and last, but not least, a thick winter hat with ear flaps! They must really love our little guy because this is how they make sure that the kids don't get sick from the cold. I made a boo boo though. When we came in from outside, I took most of "Robert's" outer layers off (he still had on a long sleep shirt and socks and thermal tights) and then went to the lobby to hang up my coat(I was sweating like crazy with my coat on!). Oh no! There was a window open about 6 feet up the wall and a nice breeze blew in - right above "Robert's" head! Danger, danger! One of the workers ran over super fast and shut the window immediately! So much for getting the "mom of the year" award :)
As you can see, our little guy is quite the monkey and water bug. Can hardly wait to get him home and let him play in the bathtub - he'll have a blast!

Lots of rain lately.

Part of the city on the way to the orphanage.

"I'm gettin' the hang of this standing up thing."

Buddha belly!

"I'm a little monkey! I climbed up this high all by myself - Dad was behind me just in case."

Oops - we taught him this. Bad parents, bad parents!
Sweet boy.

More Buddha belly!

Even more Buddha belly! (notice the wet spots on his pants - this was AFTER the pics below)

"This water play stuff is my favorite - especially when I make a mess!!!"

Apartments and fountain next to the 107 bus stop (the bus we take to the orphanage).

Pothole outside our apt. - very clever "caution cone."

Good ol' 107 - this was a light day! Notice the foggy windows!
One of our favorite restaurants downtown - because it is cafeteria style and we can point to what looks good. Sometimes we guess well, other times not so much!
The norm.
"I'll beat you, Mama!"
One of these days he'll figure out that this means "more" - for now, we get the point.
Most of it ended up in the pan - and they wonder why you're all wet when we take you back to your room! :)
"This Playdoh is strange stuff."
All bundled up on a frigid 70 degree day!
"This might be fun if I could move."
"Now this is what I call fun!"
"I think it is hilarious when Grandma sneaks up on me!"
"This ball is bigger than me!"
Our handy dandy dryer :)


  1. Eeee I love the photos where he is just in heaven pouring water and making a mess! THAT is a bus? Wow. These photos are great : ) Feel Better Grant!

  2. Hey guys, great update, love the pictures. they bring back so many good memories... Here is a tip for ya! If it's only 2 of you going to the orphanage, or back from it - try sitting up front right by the driver - you'll avoid the squishy tightness of the rush hour and have great view of the road! It's easier to pull of when you are returning home. Of course if it's 3 of you traveling, the main area of the marshrutka seems more like an option. We also became popular customers at 36.6 pharmacy (same block as Absolut store), since my husband got sick too. Hope Grant is feeling better soon! It's beautiful to see Robert smile and laugh. When will we learn of his new name, come on...!!! ))) Lord bless you, Enjoy every day. I hope one day we can return to L. Miss that place!

  3. Bobbie,
    I've learned to come with a big box of kleenex when I settle down for the best part of my day - reading your great blog. You are so humorous and to boot giving lots of great detail!! Love it!

    My favorite pic (although really all super great) is the one where he's looking intently and pouring from the yellow cup into the blue cup and you are sitting across from him smiling. The look on your face is priceless. Pure Mommy joy saying "that's my boy and i'm so happy to be his mommy".

    The pics with Grant are delightful too - what a great Daddy!!


  4. Thank you for letting us enjoy your experience.
    So excited for you both! And grandma too!
    Love you all!
    Cousin Amy

  5. Haha. They are nuts about keeping warm there! Lizzy was constantly dressed in so many layers she would drip with sweat the entire time we were outside. We decided to strip layers while we had her and then put them back on before we took her back :) He is PRECIOUS!!!!! LOVE the pics. I love reading your blog. I wish we would have kept our up when we came back, but we were a little busy :)




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