Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 5 - Rainy Day, But We Have Our Official Referral!

We have our official referral in our hands!!!! Now we are “legal” and can actually go to the orphanage to see our little guy on Monday!! (We look a little rough around the edges because we took this pic at midnight in our apartment!)

It was pretty rainy today so we didn’t go out much - just to the government adoption agency to pick up our referral paperwork and then to eat lunch. At a ****** buffet! Thought it was pretty neat that they have a handwashing station before you get your tray. If they had these in the U.S., I might actually enjoy going to a buffet! Thankfully Eugene, our trusty facilitator, was there to explain what the dishes were. One was this cabbage/coleslaw type stuff over salted fish – hmm, any guesses on if I tried this one! I had the apple filled pancakes (kind of like a turnover) with blackberry sauce as a main dish (yummy!) and vegetable potato soup (and bread and tea and cake). Grant had a variety, including boiled potatoes and sausage and some sort of coleslaw (lots of cabbage dishes!). Mom had the cherry verenyky (kind of like pierogies) and vegetable beef soup with sauerkraut and pickles in it. It was all sooo good – I wish we could go there again. And the best part was, it only cost about $4 a person!

The other day we stopped at a toy store and I found this Fisher Price toy that has sayings in Russian – I sure hope “Robert” likes it! I just couldn’t pass it up :)

Oh yeah, almost forgot. This is what I did in my free time this morning – ironed money – very exciting!!! Of course Mom had to take my picture! Yes, it is true – in order to exchange money it must be crisp and free from marks and tears.


  1. The fat belly:) Yes we ate there too, though not completely sure what we ate (we went alone). I had some sort of Vareniky. There is a place we found similar here in region though not as many choices, but still decent and cheap. Though so far the best tasting food we have had has been at Fresh Cafe and Chelsea, didn't care much for Silver and it was our most expensive meal.

  2. You don't look rough around the edges at all. You are glowing and look absolutley radiant and wonderful. And seeing that little toy about did me in.

    Woke up thinking about you and counting down the hours until we see a picture of you with your son!!


  3. Can't wait for you to meet Robert! Yay!!! Come on Monday.
    When we were in region we ate at Chelsea and Silver all the time. I like the sesame chicken at Silver. Oh and the pancakes with icecream and pancakes with cream and strawberries and Chelsea and Silver are soooo yummy!!!

  4. Hello from fellow adoptive parents,

    We are early in the process of adopting Lauren (2) that seems to be at the same orphanage. Not sure what the policy there is, but we would love if you could get a picture of our angel.

    We are so excited for you and look forward to being in country very soon.

    Steve & Lisa Florko

  5. Yes I agree, you both have a special glow about you : )

    Thinking of you Today!






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