Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Word

Gerry signed his first word today - "drink"!!! He has been holding his hands out and up for "where" for a while now, but "drink" is the first real word that he has signed. He has also been babbling a ton more in the last few days. Mom is right, when he does start talking, it is going to be non-stop! Oh yeah, it doesn't matter if he is from halfway around the world, he is a male, and he loves the remote! And no, he doesn't want the one without batteries in it. :)
I will be so relieved when we can get him to the achondroplasia specialist in Milwaukee. It is awesome that one of the best doctors in the world for children with dwarfism is so close to us. I sure hope that the doc will have good ideas on how to help Gerry breathe easier - it is so hard to hear him struggle to breathe at night.
Some of our last photos from The Land of Far Away:
We are glad to be back in the capital city, especially since we are in a pretty nice apartment this time, and everything is in bloom.
Taking time to smell the flowers.
“Look Mama, ants!”
Steps – he has to go up and down each one every time we come and go.
“I love this ramp and I have to do it by myself!”
Chicken legs on the counter? Hmm, does this meet health department code?

Sorry Papa, he is a messy eater - but he sure has fun feeding himself. I've decided that mealtime attire includes only a diaper! Can't wait for spaghetti! For those of you traveling soon, packets of oatmeal are great! I've been able to disguise jars of babyfood chicken, carrots, and cauliflower in apple oatmeal. Once we get home, I will be able to cook real food, but I figured the safest and easiest bet for meat here for a child comes in a baby food jar. And keep trying - Gerry's first run-in with the noodles in chicken soup didn't go so well. But by the second time, he loved them. Hmm, for mac and cheese, he just keeps shaking his head "nyet, nyet, nyet."


  1. Bobbie I love all of these photos! By the time you are home the lilacs might just about be blooming here : )

    My son Jon snored early on; it turns out he needed his adenoids removed. He's been doing great ever since! I hope it's something as simple as that for Gerry.

    Best Wishes!

  2. Love those chubby rolls on the last picture. Bet you could just gobble Gerry up.It will be fun to see everything in a different season. Only 18 more days!



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