Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fun Times! Day 37

Today we had our first U.S. Embassy appt. (I think it took longer for Security to go through our bags than it did to complete the paperwork!) and Gerry's medical (not at the Embassy). Nothing too shocking. Did we know that he could end up a dwarf with his "condition"? Um, yeah, that would be a yes. Gerry sure is a trooper and did very well considering we were on the go until 1:30 (way past his nap time!). It still makes me cringe every time I get in a car with him and . . . no carseat! Hmm, I wonder what he will think of being strapped in a carseat once we get back to Chicago?
Tomorrow is our last day of paperwork - woo hoo!!! And we don't have to be at the Embassy until 2:00. So I get to sleep in! Oh wait a minute, that would be a "no." Have I mentioned yet that I am ready to come home? :) I will be relieved when I can finally take Gerry to the doctor and see what we can do for his sinuses and chest congestion. The poor kid can hardly breathe when he sleeps. His snoring and tossing and turning even keeps me up at night - and I can usually sleep through anything!
Here are some photos of the fun times we've been having. This really is the fun part now.
For cheap entertainment, buy a 40 cent loaf of bread and feed the pigeons!
Plus, there is lots of free entertainment to be had – just open up those cupboard doors! (some of the stuff you might find is pretty sticky here, but exposure to germs builds immunity, right!?)
And who needs amusement parks? Just hop on the magic sweeper ride!
Just beware, when its tentacle gets stuck under the table, it could be a little frustrating.
So just ditch that darn hose and go go speed racer!
Who needs the zoo, when you have a monkey blankie with which to play peek-a-boo!


  1. Eeeee I LOVE all these photos : ) Continued prayers for a smooth journey to home!

  2. I'm so excited you are finishing up and getting ready to head home. Looking at the first couple pics in the last post brings back so many memories!!! Thinking of you!



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