Sunday, May 1, 2011

Such a Sweet Boy! (We're Already at Day 28)

Mom and I have been having fun visiting Gerry (we still are calling him by his birth name when we see him – that is what he is used to and what he responds to. It feels a little strange to me to call him something else, and since he has had so many changes lately, and is in for a lot more – I think it is best to ease him into being “Gerry.”

He really is a HUGE water bug! On Saturday it is quieter at the orphanage, and we had the playroom and break room to ourselves for over an hour – woo hoo (there is some gross motor equipment in a small room next to the playroom, but there is also a desk and a couch and a teapot in there for the staff)!! So in the break room there is a sink – with water – the perfect place to make a mess! Gerry is so cute – every time we go in this room, he is always “asking” (pointing mixed with an unintelligible noise) to wash his hands – he would wash his hands 20 times an hour if I’d let him. No, he does not have OCD - he just wants to play in the water! Last week when he was “washing his hands” he stuck his head in the faucet a tiny bit a couple of times – what fun! Well, on Saturday, he stuck his head under a little bit, then a little bit more, then a little bit more – until finally almost his whole head was soaked and water was running down his back. Of course, he was laughing and looking over at me with big grins the whole entire time. I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure if this would be frowned upon if we were “caught” – plus, when you dunk your head under the faucet and are laughing, it is hard to keep the water out of your mouth! Remember the mantra here: “don’t drink the water, don’t drink the water, don’t drink the water.” But how could I say no to such joy! I can’t wait for our neighbor, Kim, to show us the kid-friendly water fountains in our town – such fun we will have this summer!

This kid has empathy already – and shares! Whenever other little ones are crying, he stops what he is doing and has to check it out. The other day after coming in from outside, I was helping him take off his layers in the changing room. There was a little boy sitting on the floor, waiting to be unbundled, and he was not a happy camper. He was younger than Gerry, and just not able to move around that much. Gerry climbed down from my lap and went over to him and pulled off his hat and tried to take off his shoes for him – so thoughtful. Then on Saturday, a little girl was playing in the playroom and started to cry. Gerry had just sat down to eat his snack and had one cookie in his hand. I handed him another cookie and said “let’s give her one, she’s so sad.” He immediately knew what I meant and got down from his chair and walked a cookie over to her. And this from a kid who will hold four cookies in one hand – yes, it is possible, I didn’t think so either! – and reach out his hand for more if he sees that there are any left in the bag!

Today he learned a new trick – doing belly flops on top of Mama! Where he learned this, I haven’t a clue – but boy did he think it was funny! Just wait Papa – you are in for a treat!

I love it that he has been so snuggly lately – ahhhhh! He loves hugs and kisses - and zerberts on his belly! And he likes his back rubbed. And I found his most ticklish spot – the one that produces lots of giggles! These little things are just so much fun to discover. I also think it is great that he is starting to “test” a little more lately, too! I have to try my best to keep my face stern while telling him no (he definitely knows what this means) but sometimes it is all I can do to keep from laughing because he gives me this sly little grin. What a little booger!

On Friday and Saturday, Mom and I got to spend some time with the Reynolds family before they left. They adopted two of the cutest little girls with the help of Reece’s Rainbow, too. We are so lucky that we had a chance to meet them while they were here. It makes a huge difference in the trip when there is another family that you can visit with and have real conversations with! Plus, they are two of the nicest people – and so funny. We will miss their stories!
Check out their blog for some videos of the wonderful driving conditions around here (if you can handle Blair Witch Project type videos, as Ezra called them!)

They were headed back to the capital city this weekend and will be back in the U.S. shortly. It was so amazing to see the difference in their girls after only a few days of being with Mama and Papa full-time. I am looking forward to the day when Grant and I will be able to enjoy the same! Grant should be arriving home in a few hours – only a few more weeks for us!
Look how green everything is getting!

He always has to find the loop on the towel and hang it on the hook when he is done. :)


  1. Here I settle in again for the best part of my day - reading your wonderful blog and seeing the super cute pics.

    And every time I tell myself I have to stop posting comments because I look like a real stalker. But, alas, I am and I admit it.

    Gerry is just so sweet, to see that empathy in him at a young age means God's spirit is in him and it will never leave. And he is so smart too.

    I still can't get over the smiles on your face Bobbie - truly makes me cry every time.

    All my best. We miss you and are praying.


  2. That smile on his face his such a BEAUTIFUL sight to see. He is in LOVE with his Family.



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