Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Big Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day for us - court! D is sooo excited to wear a new outfit that I brought from home for her.  It is way too big, but mom was able to tack the skirt so that it looks presentable and doesn't slide right off :). I tried for months before we travelled to figure out her size, and then ended up exchanging everything for larger sizes right before we left because she told our facilitator that she is a large/extra large.  No way!! She's not a skinnyminny but more like a medium. That's what happens when you are told all the time that you are fat :(. Don't even get me started with the "you're stupid" comments that's she's heard for the past several years (from teachers!) because she has a hard time with math. And this is the girl who gets the best marks in her class for literature. Grrrr!!  She'll have a long road ahead of her, but I know she will do well.  I just learned today of some really tough instances where she stood up for herself even though some very influential people were giving her a very, very hard time. I can't go into the details at this time, but imagine a 15 year old girl in a room full of men with the power to make your life a living hell, and she would not let them sway her opinion, no matter what mind games they tried. I am so proud of her!!
We're getting the hang of traveling around town via bus (think gutted vans with seats - though the buses in this town are way bigger than the ones we used 4 years ago).  Taking the bus opens up a whole new world for us, but I still can't get used to the idea of not having seatbelts, especially for Gerry.  Do you remember when you were little (when kids could sit in the front seat without seat belts!) and your mom or dad would stop fast, how their arm would shoot out in front of you?  That's what I do for 15-20 minutes straight when we take the bus!
On Sunday we had a fun time celebrating one of D's best friend's birthday, a girl with whom D shares a bedroom.  They share everything actually; they are just like sisters. She is such a cute, smart and nice kid. (Several of the girls have grown up here together with D.  Yes, she is gaining a forever family, but must leave behind this family whom she has known since she was little). Even though there was a little drama (from my own dear daughter - girls will be girls!), overall it was a very nice party, and the pizza, juice and cake were a big hit.  We were even allowed to have our own little private "party room" (an extra bedroom) for the occasion.  Later as I reflected on the day, my satisfaction with how the party turned out turned into sadness. A party celebrating a 15 year-old's birthday means only one more year until this child loses the chance to have a family. I truly want this next year to go as slowly as possible. 

Gerry had lots of fun this week, too. One evening, our facilitator's husband stopped by to pick something up.  Gerry loves Viktor and was so excited to see him. As I was talking to Viktor for a few seconds, Gerry ran into the other room.  As Viktor was walking out to his car, Gerry came running out to show him his impersonation skills that he had mastered that day - Peppa Pig's mother. And yes, that was my good lipstick he used!

Today when I returned from visiting D (on some days, Gerry and Grandma stay at the apartment and rest since visiting hours are smack dab in the middle of nap time), Gerry was so excited to show me his new skit and costume.  He and Grandma had spent the afternoon playing "Christmas" - complete with Santa and wrapped "presents." And yes, that beard is exactly what it looks like :)
Time to go work on my summary of our family life story to present to the judge tomorrow. Hoping to share good news soon!!

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