Saturday, May 9, 2015

This Boy . . . .

This boy is a
n AMAZING kid! We've been able to spend a lot of time with him over this past month. In fact, he searches for us every day now when we visit Dasha. Why? Because HE IS ASKING FOR A FAMILY!! HE NEEDS A FAMILY! HE WILL DO SO WELL IN A FAMILY! AND I WILL NOT REST UNTIL HE HAS A FOREVER FAMILY! 
Seriously, if we had approval to adopt another child, we would bring him home with us right now, this instant.  He is smart, he is funny, he is super cute, he is so good with Gerry (our 6 year old). He would be an awesome big brother. He would be an awesome son.
He is eager to learn, and he catches on so quickly!  He is a whiz at using my camera - I just showed him all of the buttons one time and he got it.  He has a natural sense for taking photographs - a couple days ago he said "Mom (see, I told you he wants a family so badly), come."  And he took me by the hand so he could use the bushes for a backdrop and get better lighting while taking my photo.
He loves using Google Translate on my phone, and is so proud that he is learning to say and understand some English words.
My heart aches for him. It just doesn't make sense that he is still here. The only reason that he is still here is that you (you know who you are - thinking but just haven't made the leap yet!) have not met him yet. But once you meet him, I promise you that you will be so glad that he is your son. He truly is a gem. 
The other boys treat him as an outcast because he admits that he wants a family and because he visits with us :(  Yet he knows that this is his chance at life, his chance to be loved.
This is also a great region for adoption. It is inexpensive to live here and the facilitator is amazing! She will literally be with you every step of the way.  We wanted to be adventurous, so we take the bus many times now when we visit Dasha, but you wouldn't even have to take the bus one time!  She's taken us grocery shopping, she takes us to the orphanage, she takes us to all of our appointments - whatever we need, she is there for us.  For example, when Grant and I were in the capital, the battery came out of my mom's local cell phone and Sasha offered to drive over that night and fix it (we had another so it wasn't necessary). Sasha also has been the main reason (along with prayer and a little luck) that we were able to arrange one court hearing and get all of the paperwork needed for two adoptions.
Please, please, please SEE THIS BOY.  He does not belong here. He belongs in a family.  All I can do right now is hug him tight and shout for him.  For this boy deserves a family; he deserves life. Can you tell that I just love him to pieces?!?

His profile can be found here: http://reecesrainbow.org/63528/raul

I will surely try to answer any questions that I can. 

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