Friday, May 22, 2015

Pizza For Dinner!!

Pizza for dinner!! There is a very nice pizza restaurant 2 bus stops down. We should have been going there to eat about 4 times a week!! Dasha's first time eating pizza at a restaurant :). Little Miss DeAnna ate 3 pieces of pizza, drank a giant glass of juice, and ate a huge bowl of ice cream!! (I was more than a little nervous when she spun and spun and spun on the merry go round at the playground when we got back to the apartment!!) 3 pizzas, 5 drinks and 5 fancy desserts = $15. Can you say shell shock if we ever go out to eat again when we get back to the U.S. 😳  Today was a better day than yesterday :) -  not sure what I'll do when I get home and Mom isn't there to help - yikes!  DeAnna needs to be supervised every second!  And she is very tall!  We keep putting things up on higher and higher shelves, but then I can't see where things ended up!  
I started packing today for our trip to the capital on Sunday.  It's like a mind bender to figure out what we can leave here, what we should take with us to the capital and then leave, what needs to come back to the U.S., what we need easy access to on the train, which clothes we'll need for the next two days and which we should wash (remember, everything has to line dry and the washing machine is about 1/5 size of those in the U.S.). Oh and let's not forget about the myriad of toys we've collected over the last two months :). Will Gerry really remember saying, "yes, mom, I know that we won't have room in the suitcase to take this toy back home with us. If you buy it, I will leave it here for the next family." Hmmmmm???? 😉
Yesterday just Dasha and I took a quick trip to the grocery store.  I got a text from Mom: please call me with your US phone, DeAnna is very upset (the ONE time I forgot to bring my local phone along 😞). The day before, DeAnna stayed with Mom with no problems. Well, the next day was a different story.  She was distraught that I had left her but did finally calm down after I talked to her (with Dasha's help!).  The people on the bus probably thought I was pretty weird as I made kissy noises over the phone for her like 20 times :). When we were walking back to the apartment, she was looking out of the window and I heard "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA", laughter and saw her jumping up and down like crazy. I guess she does realize that I am her mother. I was thinking that she perceived me as just another caregiver (that she'd call mama) for this moment in time.  Was I wrong, or what?!
Our evening ended with music from Kutless (contemporary Christian group) filtering in through our windows; they were performing down the street from our apartment!! Wish we would have known ahead of time :). 
Well, I better get to sleep - tomorrow is another busy day :)

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